Program Overview

Man Heal Thyself is a 12-week rites of passage program designed to empower men, with practical tools for holistic well- being, rooted in ancient African cultural teachings. 

Utilizing principles from the book Man Heal Thyself Wellness Warrior The Journey To Self Mastery, this 12 week Rites of Passage is a personal healing training based on the Man Heal Thyself Wellness Technology System. 

Participants will learn how to overcome the archetypes of the Five wounded Men, and meet your inner Wellness Warrior, your Healing Juggernaut and Master Teacher. Each week you will discover another state from the 12 Rejuvenated States of Man, including “the Family of Wealth”, ”The Nature Man of Regeneration”, 'The Sexual Virile Man', "Empowered Man' and more.

Why Man HealThyself?

We don't heal, we hold. We walk around hurting in silence. We need healing . We get trapped in a prison of ego, shame and. false perception of what a man should be.

Man Heal Thyself (MHT) is a self-mastery journey of inner freedom, holistic wellness, and spirit map to activate one’s Godhead: higher self.

Man Heal Thyself establishes your personal power and value. Upon unblocking and unlocking your personal value and power. You will in turn inspire, strengthen, and support your family, your vision and mission in the world.

We grow, heal and evolve through unlimited dimensions by prayer, affirmations, visualizations, sacred movements, purification rites, fasting, live food eating, altar work, holistic nutrition and nature cures. 

MHTS offers you the legacy of your ancient traditions and legacy of power, beauty, and healing through the Gateways of Illumination.

What Is The Course Schedule? 

MHT Curriculum

Week 1 - The Family Man of Unity and Wealth

Week 2 - The Sensual Man of Heightened Sensitivity

Week 3 - The Transformation Man of Renewal

Week 4 - The Lover Man of Harmony

Week 5 - The Communication Man

Week 6 - The Intuitive Man of Clear Vision

Week 7 - The Universal Humanitarian Man of Global Wellness

Week 8 - The Illuminated Man

Week 9 - The Harmonizing Man of Serenity

Week 10 - The Nature Man of Regeneration

Week 11 - The Alchemist Man of Change

Week 12 - The Supreme Man of Optimal Wellness

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SupaNova Slom

Head Program Instructor

'SupaNova Slom' is a by-product of many things: from being born and raised vegan to overcoming 'street-life' to being an emerging voice in the hip-hop renaissance to a spiritual guide for his generation to being the son of world-renowned holistic healer Queen Afua.

Through his journeying, no matter where that led him, SupaNova has come home to his appointed life's purpose and work, where all his gifts merge into spiritual and nutritional healing and empowerment.

SupaNova holds various certifications, as well as a degree in Exercise Physiology from The Swedish Institute. He is a spiritual practitioner, holistic wellness educator, speaker, vegan bodybuilder, community advocate, recording artist, and a U.S Army combat veteran, dedicated to using his well-versed and expansive-skills for the well-being of others.

With a name that means, 'shining with the brilliance of a hundred million stars,' given by his mother, SupaNova is galvanizing a new possibility for the now generation with the support of his multi-disciplinary work, which includes: his book 'The Holistic Remedy: The Five-Week Power Plan to Detox the Body, Combat Fat, and Rebuild Your Mind and Body', his co-SupaMega Foods Company; a plant-based supplement line including Supa Mega Greens, Supa Mega Protein, and SupaMega Immunity Rescue Tincture, and his docufilm The Remedy,' Wholistic Wellness for the Hip Hop Generation.

SupaNova is the pioneer of the 'Chlorophyllion' green lifestyle, creator of the Hip Hop Meditation Ciphers, founder of the 'Unify the Hood Heal the Hood' organization. He has worked with an array of souls ranging from A-list entertainers, military soldiers and leadership, street gangsters, and inner-city youth to well accredited medical doctors and local street organization leaders.

He received recognition from the association for the Study of African Civilization, has spoken internationally, and appeared on Jay Leno, The Today Show, ABC News, BET, and CBS.

His work can be found at:

  • IG/SupaNovaSlom

Halleluyah Walcott

Program Director

With a service and hospitality career spanning two decades, Halleluyah Walcott has embraced and thrived within a variety of industries, all while gaining recognition for always aiming for excellence, putting people first, and building incredibly strong relationships. Having had the unique opportunity to develop his talents working in the opening phases of world-renowned establishments such as The Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca, NYC and Gjusta Bakery in Venice, CA, Halleluyah gained deep insight and first hand experience on what it takes to create something truly special; and while he excels in operations, his real skill lies in the development of people and the creation of exemplary teams regardless of industry or arena.

Halleluyah has helped conceive, coordinate and execute openings, launches and rebrands; partnering with some of the most innovative hospitality groups throughout the world as well as bridging the gap to the Health and Wellness community. Currently, he serves as the Program Director for the Man Heal ThySelf: Wellness Warrior Programs. 

"Being a part of a new endeavor is always an exciting thing for me; to be able to help shape something that was but once an idea is a special privilege that I am always thankful for.


Halleluyah Walcott

[email protected] 


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